From a beautiful rainbow to someone helping an elderly person load their groceries, share the good you see and we’ll pass it along to brighten those dull inboxes.

We’ll kick things off…

As mentioned, previously, Traci Mask is fighting breast cancer. We’re inviting you to join in an old fashioned card campaign. With so many people communicating through social media, the handwritten note has become a thing of the past for so many. Let’s pull out or pen and paper and try to remember what it’s like to write in cursive once again. Show your love and support by dropping off a hand-written card for Traci at the office with Morgan or Sharon during office hours (M-F, 9A-3P) or in the accounting box. Shhh…don’t mention it. Let’s keep it a secret so she will be pleasantly surprised! Thanks, AR family, for being the good!

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