…I did not know what to expect but I knew I had best get tough quick. The pain is no joke! The emotional part a whole new level. But the relief hearing that it has not gone into my lymph nodes and that it was smaller, therefore, downgraded from a possible stage 3 to a 1 is worth the fight! I now continue to heal and have to go back to the doctor weekly. My husband and Ashley have become amazing nurses and are taking care of my 4 new lovely drains that are attached to me and my 2 children continue to support me mentally! (They can’t handle the drains?)…I believe I am in the best care. My doctors were amazing, my friends have kept me feed with full meals every day since I have been home and my family loves me! I truly am blessed! Thank you! 

…Well, the verdict is in and I will need to go through Chemotherapy. It’s not what I wanted to hear but again if it is my best plan to make sure this does not take my life and come back then sign me up! The way they decided if chemo is needed is based on many things including an Onco score. If it’s 26 or higher they recommend chemo.. guess what mine was.. yup 26. Even though mine was found early, a small tumor and none of my lymph nodes were affected (meaning it has not spread) my age says that I am young enough that there is a possibility of it coming back or spreading and then that makes the chemo beneficial more than the harm it can cause. I will have 4 total treatments but it will take 12 weeks to complete. I will be going to have a port surgical put in on August 4th and then move my baby girl into college on August 12th…😳 My first treatment will be August 17th and last until the 3rd week in October. 

It’s crazy looking back over the last 2 months and thinking about all the procedures, testing, and surgery I have already been through. Shane has been right by my side through it all. He has taken over everything, had to do medical procedures, and loved me through this all while still being extremely busy himself…I appreciate and love him more than I ever could before. He is my hero!

Now to all my lady friends I ask you this simple question when was your last mammogram? Don’t wait! ❤️

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